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How To Stay Motivated During the Summer

Summer can be the best time to become fit, healthy and happy. But, why do so many people fall off the band wagon during these long beautiful days? Here are some tips to stay motivated and continue your path of health and wellness.

Go Outside

Thinking about going into a gym on a beautiful day might drag you down, and for some people, this gives them the perfect excuse to skip a day of exercise. Don’t let this be an excuse for you. Go on a hike, try paddle boarding,  go to the local running track and run/walk the stairs or sprint around the track like you were young again (but make sure you have a good warm up before you jump into a workout*). Find a local park that has equipment ready to be used and use your imagination. There are many trainers and clubs with outdoor boot camps or classes that utilize the great outdoors. Find a group of friends who would be great partners in tackling a tough workout outside and get moving! Always wear your sunscreen, wear a hat, pack extra layers and make sure you have plenty of water and a high packed protein snack for after!

Get a Workout Buddy

Sometimes all you need is just a little push. One day you might not feel motivated to go workout, but if you have someone waiting for you and you made a commitment to them, you’ll find yourself staying on track better. Also, you’ll feel so much better and accomplished after that workout. 

Farmer’s Market

What’s better than fresh vegetables, fruits and other yummy foods? Try out different local farmer’s market around town. The most common myth is that farmer’s markets are more expensive than going to the grocery store. You can find great deals and sometimes bargain with the vendors. Even if it is a few extra bucks, you can’t go wrong with fresh produce and helping out the local community. Remember, weight loss is about 80% nutrition with 20% exercise. It matters what you put in your body.

Focus on the Fun, Not the Exercise

Go rollerblading at the roller rink, play a game of flag football or volleyball, go rock climbing or go jump in the Reservoir. What ever tickles your fancy, just go do it.

If you try and make exercise a chore, if it becomes a burden or if you put negative feelings about it, you are more than likely to quit an exercise program and not continue your path to health and wellness. Make it fun! Go rollerblading at the roller rink, play a game of flag football or volleyball, go rock climbing or go jump in the Reservoir. What ever tickles your fancy, just go do it. Move your body, get sweaty and most importantly, have fun! Don’t worry about the calories burned or how long you were at the gym. Most of the time, if you are working hard enough, you shouldn’t have to exercise more than an hour.

Keep Realistic Goals

Trying to get that bikini body in 2 weeks probably won’t happen for most people. This is not a realistic goal to start out with. Start with small goals such as a 15 minute body weight routine before work, a 15 minute Tabata workout at lunch, and/or a 15 minute jog after work. Set time aside in your daily planner for a quick workout or walk. Set reminders to eat a healthy protein packed snack every 3-4 hours. When setting goals too high or ones that are unachievable, your mindset tells you that you are a failure/loser/not good enough etc. Smaller goals helps keep you on track, they create a positive mindset and helps you achieve your long term goals. Remember to reward yourself when you achieve a goal and celebrate even the smallest achievements, like a new pair of sneakers! 

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A Much Needed Reality Check

Detox, burn, tone, cleanse, shape, shred, trim, tighten, etc. What do these words mean to you? Seriously though, what do these words mean? The thing is, they don’t really have a specific meaning. Detox may mean something to you, and it may mean something different to someone else. And that is EXACTLY why some companies use these ‘buzzwords’ to sell you products. They want you to make a definition for the words. They want you to connect the dots, and draw your own conclusion. It’s no different than a psychic reading or a horoscope – give people a big enough general statement or question, and we connect the dots and draw some sort of conclusion that this psychic, or these products must be magical and must work.

I’m going to give you a reality check… these buzzwords are bullshit. THEY DON’T MEAN ANYTHING. We see these words and automatically assume the product or service has to be great because these words are highlighted, emphasized and used so often. Listen, I have a business marketing degree from Colorado State University, I know marketing when I see it. THIS IS JUST MARKETING. It’s just like clickbait we see on articles and ads throughout the web.

The truth is, people don’t really dislike marketing all together, they REALLY dislike being lied to and pushed to buy something that’s ineffective.

Do you know why so many people dislike marketing? The truth is, people don’t really dislike marketing all together, they REALLY dislike being lied to and pushed to buy something that’s ineffective. They dislike this kind of marketing. And unfortunately, this kind of marketing is very popular and incredibly effective. These fitness companies are doing this every day and it’s why marketing and the fitness industry both get such a negative wrap. Companies are supposed to create something valuable and solve problems. Business is “an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit”. Every business has to serve its clients and offer something of value to them; however, if a company doesn’t offer something of value, they’ll do their best to make it look like they do. If a business isn’t solving a problem, they may create a problem to solve.

Waist Trainers & Other Nonsense 

Look at these waist trainers for example, there’s no problem with having a normal bone structure and natural waistline. But these waist trainer companies will continue to tell you that you should have a skinny waist with an exaggerated hourglass figure. Oh, and if you don’t, you’ll be less attractive. Not only have they created a fake problem, they have also created a fake, and potentially dangerous solution (I won’t go into why waist trainers are dangerous for the sake of time, but I invite you to google this). This is like having a fire department that sets buildings on fire, then puts them out with radioactive waste. Nobody is solving anything, and they are actually making things worse.

Ryne Harshman
Think critically. If it sounds to good to be true. It is. Don’t buy into it.

Trust me when I say this, these companies do not last once people catch on to their lies; they will eventually go out of business. But for their short lifespan, these companies will get by, by using these strategies and techniques I’ve mentioned. Not only do these companies lie to you through products, they lie by having unnatural spokespeople/athletes whose main job is to push their products. You should know, these spokespeople get paid to workout. They get paid to watch just about everything they eat. Many of them are also genetic freaks who take illegal steroids. Then these people say, “I take this product, look at me!” When it should be, “I get paid to promote this product, do I take it? Ehhh who cares. I have an incredibly balanced diet and I take this drug. And my plastic surgeon is Dr. Blah Blah.” This doesn’t apply to every fitness spokesperson, but if someone looks chiseled year-round, and sells ‘challenges’ and/or ‘booty-building workshops’, chances are, they are doing a lot more than taking a supplement.

Ridiculous Claims

Next time you see a ridiculous claim, try and read the tiny little white text disclaimer (that happens to be on a white background), it’ll probably say something like, “People lost an average of 2lbs in 10 weeks, just by taking this product and not altering their diet and not exercising regularly.” Two pounds in ten weeks is not a lot, and chances are, this is entirely water weight, not fat. Don’t fall for this hype. Don’t buy a 30 day challenge, invest in a lifestyle change. Don’t detox your body by taking a supplement, drink water. Don’t cleanse your system with a fancy tea, drink water! Don’t kill yourself trying to look like the girl or guy on the cover of magazine or Instagram post, concentrate on being your best-self.

Not everyone in the fitness industry is like this, and not every company lives by this. There are TONS of great companies out there, who really care about making an impact, and do it the right way. Unfortunately there’s a lot who don’t. Listen, there’s always some gimmick to get uneducated people to ‘see results fast!’. Don’t buy into it. Don’t make these lying companies richer. Quit helping these fake-motivator, supplement-celebrities buy another sportscar. Spread this message, get educated and work diligently. You deserve honesty and the truth, I hope I’m not the first or last person to tell you this.

You got this.

Ryne Harshman

Editor in Chief | President | Co-Founder