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Adjust Your Relationships to Compliment Your Goals

How do your relationships have anything to do with your goals? The reality is they don’t. They have everything to do with your goals. We tend to go through the motions every day with each of our goals in mind, but simply on the back burner waiting for the perfect moment to capitalize on an opportunity to get us there. You may have heard the cliché motivational saying, “There is no better time than now”. While that is 100 percent true with certain considerations in mind, we hardly ever stop to think about how the people around you affect your ability to move towards your goals. We as individuals are highly influenced by our relationships of those closest to us. They influence our decisions, the way we see things, and even our self-esteem.

Evaluate Your Relationships

Ask yourself, who do you spend your time with? That is the simplest way to begin to recognize if your current relationships are working against you. Even further, take the top-five people you spend your time with and think… Are you the smartest? Are you the most passionate, consistent, and hard working out of them all? If you are honestly able to answer yes to all the above, or frankly yes to any of the traits you value, then you need new friends. This is relative to the Law of Average, in which the result of a situation is the average of all outcomes. In all seriousness, it is important to identify these truths, and make the changes you need to in order to create the most out of the time we have. Please don’t interpret this as you should only surround yourself with positive people if positivity is what you value. In this example, critics are necessary to build a better you. And the more goals you reach, the more critics you’ll have. Though, it is necessary to evaluate and develop your network based on your values and acquire those people who can take you to the next level overall. But, a tight inner-network of positive people whom will always support you is never a bad idea. Additionally, make sure to keep those individuals of which you love, in your life. Be able to recognize that they may be hindering your decisions in making your life as successful as you imagine it.

Make the Adjustment

The understanding that you need to adjust your current relationships to better align with your goals and the strategies to reach those goals is important, but what will add to your value is the ability to act on that understanding. Too often, are we well-aware of the individuals in our lives that simply don’t add value to them, but we have yet to move on. I don’t recommend completely separating your life from everyone you can think of, but rather adjust your relationships and the effort you put towards establishing new relationships to people who can make you better. Burning bridges is the worst way to implement more valuable relationships in your life, as they all hold some worth. But the emphasis on finding, developing, and retaining more advantageous personal relationships pertaining to your goals is necessary to move towards those goals.

Whatever you imagine your future to be, it all starts with the relationships you have, and will become reality with the personal relationships you’ve built.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.


Callen Kusmik

Contributor | Monarch Athlete | NPC Physique Competitor