Monarch Fitness is a comprehensive online fitness store supplying premium fitness apparel, supplements and accessories that was founded on four distinct values: education, inspiration, integrity, and convenience.

Convenience: There are countless fitness products out there and a ton of conflicting information. We know your life gets chaotic, so why spend hours scouring the internet for that “perfect product”? Monarch weeds through inferior products and the confusing landscape of the fitness industry. We deliver simplicity – this is your one-stop shop for fitness.

Education: You deserve the right to understand what is going into your body, what you’re putting your body through, and what will work best for YOU. Monarch aims to enhance your overall fitness knowledge so that you can be more efficient and effective with your fitness plan – no more spinning your wheels.

Inspiration: We strive to be the company that lights the match within your core that inspires action. Motivation is key, but it can dwindle from time to time. We are here to keep you inspired and on track to reach your goals – we are committed to your success.

Integrity: At Monarch, we’re not here to push products, we are here to deliver results. We know the fitness industry is plagued with unrealistic claims and cheap products – it’s time to set the record straight.

We aren’t defined simply by the products we sell, the amount of customers we have, or the revenue we generate. We are defined by the impact we have on people’s lives. We are more than a fitness company.