Monarch Fitness

Monarch Fitness is the premium online fitness store that supplies apparel, supplements and accessories. Monarch Fitness was created to help you shop at one place to find all of your athleisure and fitness supplement needs. In a busy world where time matters, we want to ensure you don’t waste anytime finding the best fitness products for you. No other place as all your premium fitness apparel, activewear and supplements in one convenient place. We supply more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. We believe in simplicity over complexity and quality over quantity. 

The Monarch Fitness, Fitness Store is an athlete’s dream. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the apparel, supplements, gear, and healthy snacks you want. Our e-store has everything in one place. Comprised of hand-picked premium products, designed to help you reach your fitness goals, we make your shopping experience easy and convenient.

Stay Consistent & Motivated

Arguably the biggest obstacle standing between you and the results you want: motivation. We deliver a package that inspires, motivates and drives you to reach your goals. We supply you with everything you need to be successful: we give you a custom workout plan designed based on your training level and goals; educate you about nutrition; inform you about supplementation; and instill confidence by sending you premium fitness clothing. All these tools help you stay consistent & motivated.

Save Time

You’re a productive and busy person. That last thing you need is to spend precious time online or in the store searching for that perfect product. You no longer have to weed through sites and stores to search for products that are on sale. Everything in your package is personalized exclusively for you – so you only get the items you want. And if we send you something that doesn’t fit? No problem, we do free exchanges on all clothing items, all the time.

Save Money

The beauty of our subscription service is that you will always receive items at clearance-cost; you don’t have to pay high retail mark-ups.

Get Educated

There’s so much conflicting information out there. We sort through this information with the help of fitness professionals and deliver scientific findings, backed with clinical studies and research. We don’t send you hype-diets, fads and other junk. Our goal is to educate you and help you build a lifestyle – not a quick fix.

We go through a very strict and strenuous process when it comes to ordering supplements and apparel. We do not partner with companies who have a history of this malpractice or manufacturing sub-par products. We only partner with prestigious companies, with reputable names, and premium products. keep it simple, supply people with motivation, education and the right tools to be successful.

It’s simple philosophy we have; keep it simple, supply people with motivation, education and the right tools to be successful. If we ever feel uncomfortable recommending something to our friends, parents or grandparents, we won’t sell that product.

The Fitness Store: Simple, Organized, Premium.

Some companies we partner with are: Optimum Nutrition, MusclePharm, BPI Sports, Cellucor, Fitwear, CoryVines, Rhone, and more.

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